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Richardsons Chimneys Ltd a family company based in Glasgow.

Our history

James Richardson started work in the 1940s repairing and cleaning chimneys that had been destroyed in Clydebank during the 'Blitz'. He is a founder member and past Chairman of The National Association of Chimney Sweeps and during his time in office Jimmy was instrumental in guiding the association's development.

Jimmy is retired now, but the family connection is continued by Gordon McKinlay, his son-in-law.

Gordon has many years experience carrying out assessments of new sweeps in Scotland to ensure standards in the industry are maintained and improved. Gordon is also available to offer technical assistance and advice to fellow sweeps.

Richardsons chimney sweeps have all undergone the appropriate training to carry out their work in a competent and safe manner.

If you are looking for a stove installation, contact Richardsons Chimneys Ltd today on 01389 310340.

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